Okay here's the deal.  If you're an agency or a marketing VP please don't send us a really bland idea about new sriracha potato chips or how your client is revolutionizing the way Americans eat breakfast cereal.  

We're really busy paying the rent, making the podcast, keeping the studio clean and yeah, even trying to find someone to spoon with at night, too.  Plus, if your idea is really just another example of lame corporate marketing and spin, we might just lampoon you on the air, and not in a good way.  (And if you think all publicity is good publicity we'll be excited to prove you wrong).  

Now that we've got that out of the way and hopefully discouraged wanton peskiness from the cubicles of folks trying to survive another day at work, to the rest of you, fire away.  Unless we get too many interns, don't be disappointed if we don't get back to you with a personal reply.

And, if you've listened to the show (and surely you have listened, unless you fall into the category of mentioned in the lead paragraph) you understand that Matt's got 30 year in the food business, loves telling stories and is a serious geek.  So we have ideas coming out of our yin-yang. But fire away because we know that some of you are gonna blow our socks off. 

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